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Non-Profit Support


STAReform is a non-profit program that I support. 

From STAReform: "We are working to raise awareness about a path toward real solutions and enact new laws to protect our communities and good police officers by getting rid of bad police officers, the policies that protect them, and deadly policies. We recognize the critical role of effective policing in our communities and the dangers associated with this multifaceted profession. We seek to work in concert with policing agencies seeking reform, which can cultivate stronger relationships between police officers and the community members they swore to protect and serve. We are working to reform (not “defund” or “abolish”) the police."


Why I support:


“Inaction in the wake of these injustices can’t be an option. STAReform gives us an actionable plan that each of us can fight for in our respective cities, counties, and states.” - Jamarius Burton

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