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2022-23 Season Schedule

Jan. 3: Pitt Vs. Virginia

Jan. 7 Pitt Vs. Clemson

Jan. 11: Pitt at Duke

Jan. 14 Pitt at Georgia Tech

Jan. 18 Pitt at Louisville

Jan. 21 Pitt Vs. Florida State

Jan. 25 Pitt Vs. Wake Forest

Jan. 28 Pitt Vs. Miami

Feb. 1 Pitt at North Carolina

Feb. 7 Pitt Vs. Louisville

Feb. 11 Pitt at Florida State

Feb. 14 Pitt Vs. Boston College

Feb. 18 Pitt at Virginia Tech

Feb. 21 Pitt Vs. Georgia Tech

Feb. 25 Pitt Vs. Syracuse

Mar. 1 Pitt at Notre Dame

Mar. 4 Pitt at Miami


2023 ACC Tournament

Mar. 7: ACC Tournament - Greensboro, NC



Use Code "BURTON" to save 10% on tickets to Pitt's games on Nov. 16-17 in Brooklyn, NY in the Legends Classic.

To purchase tickets, visit the link below and enter the code "BURTON."


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